The Executioner Wasp, nicknamed the Ex Wasp, is a species of wasp in Latin America.

Coyote Peterson considers its sting the single most painful in the world, thus the King of Sting.


The Ex Wasp appears as a typical paper wasp, but slightly larger and with a distinct entirely yellow exoskeleton. 


Coyote says the Ex Wasp's sting, in terms of pain and damage, is on par with the Giant Desert Centipede. Upon getting stung, he was immediately hit with searing, excruciating pain that put him in near-paralysis and almost made him cry. The pain lasted for days and only got worse over time, and its venom was so bad its necrotic properties rotted a permanent hole-shaped scar into his arm. He described the pain as "Like ripping flesh off", and it continued for 36 hours. 

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