The Giant Desert Centipede is a species of centipede found in Southwestern America.

Coyote Peterson considers its bite the second most painful thing he's ever felt in his life, second only to the Exucutionar wasp sting.


The Giant Desert centipede is a massive yellow and orange centipede.


The Desert Centipede bit Coyote the first chance it got (it even attempted biting him hours earlier against his will and was almost successful), and bit him twice, and he immediately declared it worse than the Bullet Ant's sting. At first, it was just a relentless wave of searing, "uncontrollable" pain that rivaled the Gila Monster, but it became so persistent and worsening that Coyote began crying and begging for the cameras to be shut off, a first and only in the series. He was also forced to use the Venom Extractor, another first. Coyote said the pain lasted for 30 hours and made a Bullet ant sting feel like a bee sting.

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